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We make products that have a positive impact on people’s lives. At by Wood, we believe in the life cycle of materials and restored wood. Sustainable furniture is an investment in your home and in the future of our planet.   

Raw Materials

All materials used to create our products are carefully chosen by us, using only those that help the environment. Each recovered material undergoes the process of cleaning, drying, removing insects from wood. We are working towards a zero-waste production, meaning we reuse as much waste as possible.

Sustainable means long-lasting 

At by Wood we believe that design should go hand in hand with sustainability. By recycling the product, it takes on a new life of its own, welcoming the new owner to create their own story with their chosen recycled furniture. We are designing pieces which last and age well with you.  


We manufacture products that are tailored to the customer’s needs. If you need any individual changes just contact us: 

Tables. Made by hand. From recycled stuff. Designed in Poland.